My New Life : Curtin Sarawak
Saturday, April 19 | 11:33 PM | 0 comment(s)

Soooooooooooo its already a month since i got in to Curtin University Sarawak. Not Perth okay. I learned new things , got to know new friends from different background&&culture and got new experiences. But it is a bit challenging you know . Sometimes i feel awkward to speak English during class or lecture as 85% of my friends are Chinese. If I speak Malay , they didnt really understand what im saying. Maybe they will feel like talking to an alien hehehe

I used broken English because they also used broken English. If Miss Savitri know this i think she gonna be angry with us hihihi . I love English Communication Skill classes the most .I am not a debater or ex-debater or someone who often speak in front of people so i'm a bit nervous when speaking in front of the class . But i think i gain some confidence from that class . I can now speak in front of audience but still shaking la , nervous okay !!!!!!! Thanks to Miss Savitri Kurnia , I love her class so much and i hope next semester she will teach me again

After a month there and now i'm home . Hehe foundation students got a week free called 'Free Tuition Week' so i booked a ticket and fly home with Alyaa. I miss home :(

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