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Haa its only a few weeks left before I fly to Sarawak huh? So I guess I need to improve my English , try to speak fluently and watch Oh My English frequently . Eh.

My application for SPC a.k.a Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA based on SPM 2013 trial result was accepted and I don't know if I should regret or what choosing to further my studies in Sarawak Why I chose Curtin University? Hmm I dont really have reasons for that. Its just when I looked at the institutions list , I attracted to its name ,Curtin . Then I applied for Chem Engineering in Curtin under Pinjaman MARA and its got accepted. 4 years in Curtin Sarawak, 1 year in Curtin Australia. I'll finished my degree in Australia hehehe but it is ONLY IF i managed to study well during my 10 months foundation and another 3 years in Sarawak before flying to Australia. Can I score well ? :/

CURTIN SARAWAK [google hehe]

It makes me nervous so so so muchhhhhh. Now i've been stalking my seniorsssss that studied in Curtin , searching like @#$!#% about the U and kept asking the same question to everyone I knew that is " susah tak course Chem Eng ni ? " and of course lah I've got a lot of different answers.

Ok thats all. Sorry for grammar and vocab errors. Please understand that i'm still tryinggggg.

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